Our Strengths

RW & Associates, Inc.


RW & Associates assists our clients in creating competitive advantages by developing an organizational culture that attracts, motivates, develops and retains the best people. We provide an essential business partner that contributes strategic guidance and tactical direction to the business management process.

RW & Associates is a unique management consulting firm founded on the principle that honest feedback and ethical behavior will result in improved morale, increased effectiveness and provide a culture where growth is boundless.  Bob Philips, co-author of Absolute Honesty and the Straight Talk seminar, formed RW & Associates in 1996 to assist companies without the resources to deal with complex organizational issues. 

Today, the company has grown to include principals Bob and Lisa Phillips and a team of professionals who provide a wide range of services including organizational transformations, executive coaching, employee assessments, training and more.  No matter how large or small, Bob and Lisa Phillips and their associates can design professional services to assist you and your organization to become more efficient and effective. 

Our Team

BOB PHILLIPS, President and CEO; a veteran of over 30 years of business experience ...
LISA PHILLIPS, Sr. Vice President; business manager and a consultant in the areas of general human resource practices a