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Craford Benefit Consultants

We know that major change will be coming as our clients and their employees deal with a major component of their compensation package . . . healthcare benefits and we are happy to partner with Craford Benefits as you face complex challenges in an economy that requires a rigorous focus on value.

With offices on both coasts, and customers located in all regions of the country, Craford offers a comprehensive suite of services. From benefits consulting and evaluation to technology solutions and services, they are eager to serve your human resource needs.

Customer service is a widely-heard, but rarely-practiced term today. Craford’s culture embodies a time when things were a little different: a time when you knew that as a customer, the service you received was defined by competence, attentiveness, and integrity; a time in which accountability was clear and quality was expected. At Craford, such dedication persists.

Contact us to see how we can assist with your emplolyee benefit needs. 

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