Prevue HR’s Job-Fit Assessment provides a clear and accurate picture of each candidate through a measurement of their general mental abilities, interests, and personality—Prevue refers to this as a “Total Person Snapshot”.

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All organizations need to assess individuals, whether they are new applicants or existing employees.  In this respect, psychological testing has an established role to play in selection: from preliminary screening right through to the final stages of decision making. Psychological testing is also valuable in the development of individuals and teams within organizations of all sizes.

Assessment systems compliment other traditional selection methods. When properly used, assessments help improve the quality of decisions throughout an employee’s carrer. Assessments achieve this by providing information about a candidate/employee that is not otherwise readily available for decision-makers.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, even a slightly better choice of candidate will bring financial benefits which far outweigh the extra costs involved of adding an unbiased psychometric evaluation like the Prevue Assessment to your organization.

A Quality Assessment Can Help Your Organization To...

  • Provide key insight about applicants and employees
  • Improve the quality of your new hires
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Increase employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Coach employees to maximize their strengths
  • Develop career paths for your employees
  • Determine your future leaders
  • Improve your company’s bottom line
  • Planning and Promotion

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...Understanding yourself and others!    

The INSIGHT Inventory is an easy-to-use, non-threatening personality testing instrument that helps people understand their behavioral styles better so they can work more effectively with others. Use it for:

  • Team building
  • Staff development
  • Stress management
  • Career planning
  • Leadership development

The INSIGHT Inventory helps people better understand their personalities and the changes they make from one environment to another. People don't necessarily behave the same at work as they do at home. When changes occur they tell important things about communication style and job stress. The INSIGHT Inventory was the first personality testing instrument that provides two profiles to help people understand the two different sides of themselves.

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