Coaches for individuals who participate in athletic activities have always been accepted as a way to increase the skill of an athlete and to raise their level of performance.  It has only recently that coaching has become an accepted practice to help a manager or executive increase a skill level or teach a new skill with the goal of improving their performance.

Many organizations use different techniques to increase the skills of their managers and executives but most of those trainings or work assignments may be general in their design and not focused enough to help an individual develop particular skills needed for their current or a new role.

Early in our schooling and our professional work we develop technical skills related to our chosen career and we for the most part become very tactical in our approach to the job.  But as we move up the organizational pyramid our roles change from tactical to a more strategic approach.  It is the skill shift at these various points in our growth from Manager to CEO where an individual coach may be required. 

The RW & Associates Executive Coaching Process

        Meet with potential candidate to determine compatibility between        

          executive and coach

       Determine skills, issues and results needed for a successful coaching


       Assess the individual to be coached, the working environment, the team

        and the impacted organization

      Develop a Coaching Plan that is accepted by all involved parties (to include

        skills, behaviors, interaction with others, time invested and goals for


      Establish a review and update schedule with individual being coached and


RW & Associates, Inc.

“You cannot teach a man anything.  You can only help him
discover it within himself.”

        Galileo     Galileie.