We will assess your organizational issues to find the root cause of your business problems so that you we can help you meet the full potential and effectiveness of your employees and company.

Our work with clients in the area of organizational development and effectiveness include:

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the management team
  • Identifying issues that impact employee effectiveness
  • Identifying where the corporate culture is not conducive to effective communication and results
  • Identifying management issues related to complex or geographically dispersed organizations 

See what Bob Phillips has to say:


Is your organization faced with diminishing communication between employees and management; are integrity, honesty, and ethics missing from your day to day operations;is the culture of your organization changing from one of trust to one that has rampant “LIPOTAGE” (giving lip service to a decision during discussion, then sabotaging the decision later)?

Sound familiar?  Let's face it, straight, honest, no-nonsense communication in organizations today is rare if it exists at all. Whether it's fear of reprisal, natural timidity, or not wanting to "rock the political boat", many of us avoid telling the truth when the truth needs to be told.   If this describes your organization you need to step up and adopt our “Rejuvenating Integrity” program. 

The program is based on the book Absolute Honesty: Building a Corporate Culture That Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity, by Larry Johnson and Bob Phillips (AMACOM 2003) and utilizes the Straight Talk training program.  It is designed to help teams communicate more effectively.  Rather than focus on an individual’s ability to communicate, Rejuvenating Integrity emphasizes communication between departments, in work groups and throughout the entire organization.    Our Rejuvenating Integrity program includes

  • Organizational culture assessment
  • Leadership / management assessment
  • Transformation designed to meet specific organizational culture and behavior issues
  • Skills development and coaching to improve interface skills
  • Ethics and integrity programs that enhance the ability of leaders to integrate honesty, integrity and ethics as part of their day to day operations.

See what Bob Phillips has to say:


Business organizations have been constantly evolving to find the perfect structure that would meet both business and employee demands.  What most organizations find is that structures must evolve and change to meet new management styles, company culture, business opportunities and the demands of geographical dispersion.  This is driven by the need to provide more and faster ways to share information that is critical to serve their worldwide customers.  What companies utlimately learn is that the communication channels and decision making processes are what drive their ultimate organizational structures.

This course is designed to introduce the concept of how organizations evolve and how individuals can function most efficiently in these organizations.  We will focus much of our time not on the actual structures but rather on how to operate within them, influence others, the importance of developing relationships and finally what the key role communications plays in the success or failure of an organization. 

What we have seen over the past few years is that organizations that function in multiple geographical locations must also be sensitive to cultural norms and behaviors that will impact the effectiveness of all communications.  A multinational company can not always communicate one particular way when their employees work and live in multiple locations and cultures. 

What to Expect from this Course :

  • What organizational structures are designed to accomplish
  • How organizations and structures evolve and influence behavior
  • Why some structures are more effective
  • Working and functioning in a complex organization
  • Dealing effectively with points of conflict in organizations
  • The importance of influencing in complex organizations
  • Developing strategies and actions in complex organizations to improve personal effectiveness
  • The importance of using an action plan to implement learning

See what Bob Phillips has to say: 

If you would like further information about our Rejuvenating Integrity or Managing in a Complex Organization  training programs, please contact us at:  RW & Associates, Inc. email: Lisaphillips   phone:  503-720-4978

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"Good corporate culture is not just about having productive employees. It is about aligning the employees’ goals to the vision of the organization. This is the reason there is a shift from using corporate culture as a toll of recruitment to engaging employees at all levels."