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INTEGRITY; AMACOM, 2003 by y Bob Phillips and

Larry Johnson

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Here's A Book Whose Time Has Come

The Crisis of Ethics in Business has sent us all reeling with shocking revelations of dishonesty, manipulation, and silent complicity. The cost of dishonesty to the U.S. economy runs into trillions of dollars, so dishonesty does not pay.  In Absolute Honesty, we show that honesty is not only the right thing to do, it is the profitable thing to do.  Creating a culture of straight talk and integrity not only keeps the media at bay but also makes an organization more competitive in the global economy and better trusted by customers, employees and shareholders. To do this, we attack the sort of passivity at both the personal and organizational levels that allows little lies to grow into giant disasters.

This book speaks to an urgent need to reestablish a standard of communication that encourages open discussions and healthy debate, tells the truth, doesn't mince words, and, most of all, is guided by a moral and ethical sense of right and wrong. We call this communication style absolute honesty and this book shows you how to integrate it into your organization's culture.

Speaking Your Mind; Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine, December 2003; By Chris Warren
"Telling the truth on the job doesn't just keep you out of jail and prevent your company from becoming the next Enron, it also makes you successful."  Read the entire article...

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