Through an alliance with The QMP Insititute* we offer standard and customized Market Strategy, Business Development, and Sales and Performance Management workshops.  The QMP Institute has been delivering these training programs for more than 12 years to business-to-business firms throughout North America.

The QMP Group is a management consulting firm whose primary objective is to grow the market valuation of our client’s firm.   working closely with a client’s executive team we discover and exploit hidden opportunities for accelerating revenue growth, improving profitability and increasing market valuation

QMP programs are unique because:

         Each program is part of an integrated whole that is the QMP  Process

         Market Strategy, Business Development and Sales all link and work with one another

         Extensive tools, processes, disciplines and helpful laptop systems are provided  

         The availability of follow-up refresher mini-webinars

Jerry Vieira, the designer and creator of the QMP process, brings extensive real-world examples to the classroom experience.  His career includes Fortune 100 to pre-IPO business-to-business firms and his wide ranging education (he's an Electrical Engineer, an MBA and a music school graduate) results in a delightful and intriguing classroom learning experience.  As one Market Strategy workshop attendee recently said, "It was the most educational day I've had since I earned my MBA 10 years ago."  And as another said "I learned and was inspired." 

*The QMP Insitute is a division of The QMP Group, Inc. Portland, Oregon.  For more information:

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