RW & Associates assists our clients in creating competitive advantages by developing an organizational culture that attracts, motivates, develops and retains the best people.  We provide assistance  that contributes strategic guidance and tactical direction to the business management process.  We do this by looking at the total organization to determine what changes are needed in management and business practices to create a corporate culture of trust, respect and open communications.

Our clients are those who have identified that they have not reached their full business potential, but don't know why. What we have found during our years in consulting is that many issues are related to a current culture that lacks accountability, is not responsive to change and is either not profitable or just barely so.

These issues can manifest themselves as high turnover, inability to compete for or retain talent, inability of employees to embrace needed changes, lack of sales growth, inability of employees to embrace needed changes, loss of productivity, programs and processes not meeting anticipated potential, not delivering on customer commitments, employee morale issues, leadership not getting support of staff, .......

Our Services include :

     Organizational Transformations

       Executive Coaching

         Employee Assessment and Development Tools

    RW & Associates, Inc.

    Our work with clients in the area of organizational development includes:

    Improve efficiency and effectiveness of teams

    Identify issues that impact employee effectiveness in getting work accomplished

    Improve communication between management and employees

    Identify why an organizational culture is not conducive to achieving expected results

    Identify management issues related to complex or geographically dispersed organizations

    Analysis of current culture to determine actual vs. desired behavior

    Work with management team to develop a culture to meet anticipated company results