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Recent court rulings have made it increasingly important for corporations to review and/or implement ethics and compliance processes. Just knowing the rules is no longer enough - even companies with solid programs and policies may still be found libel if their culture is not in compliance with accepted norms.

RW & Associates, is proud to be partnering with David Gebler and the Skout Group to provide our clients with ethics and compliance training and assessment programs.  C
ulture drives the behavior at the core of your organization's ethics, compliance and performance risks.  Skout will apply 20 years of experience in values, ethics, and culture risk management to identify, and then clear, your organization's roadblocks to performance.

Their unique combination of tools and services can change a culture in three stages:

Assess: As a leader, you need to know what intangible risks are lurking in your organization’s culture. Skout can uncover the actual positive values that drive performance as well as the negative values that engender fear, frustration or lack of engagement. The assessment will uncover which key performance indicators motivate behavior in your organization and which can shut it down, as well as which elements of the culture are generating the greatest amount of stress.

Plan: A gap exists between the perceptions of employees and managers and the strategic goals of the organization. Creating alignment between the employees and the organization’s goals and values paves the way to improved performance and decreased risk. Regardless of whether the goals relate to integrity or the need to innovate in order to navigate market changes, leaders must know how to bridge that gap. Messaging from the top down plays a role, but bringing employees on board requires a bottom-up approach as well, understanding the issues, challenges and concerns of various members of the organization.

Act: For some organizations aligning the culture will require a refresh of the Mission and Vision as well as articulation of core values that encompass the values of the members of the organization. For other organizations, the most immediate need is to help employees, managers, and/or leaders see the role that they may be playing in perpetuating culture roadblocks to performance

Culture Matters: See how leading organizations have used their values to clear the roadblocks to performance

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