"What is also remarkable about Bob is his in-depth knowledge of the key functions and roles of each position, from software engineer to marketing director to CFO, and how each person needs to work and communicate to be successful."

Elizabeth Ettling, CFO at Sonnivate


Sherry Adams, Vice President Human Resources
"Bob helped to create an environment of empowerment and accountability. He knows that in a high tech business innovation, sense of urgency and risk taking are all very important at the same time working in an environment that values integrity and honesty.

"Within 14 months, Leitch moved from being a financially challenged organization to a profitable organization. It launched a number of new leading edge products, talent in R&D, Marketing and Sales were all upgraded and the morale in the company was outstanding. Bob worked with the Manufacturing group to outsource a number of areas to allow the operations group to be more efficient and cost effective."

"As a result of Bob's contribution to the Company he left a much healthier and energized organization than the one he inherited. Bob continues to have a lot of credibility with both the leadership and the employees within the Company. For me personally, it was a very valuable learning opportunity and I feel very privileged to have been mentored by someone I consider to be one of the best in the Human Resources profession."

Elizabeth Ettling, Controller,
"I have worked with Bob Phillips for almost ten years during my time at two “start up” companies.  Bob provided critical guidance in the areas of organizational development, communication, hiring and the development of several compensation plans.  The experience Bob brings is unique.  He has a deep understanding of the technology industry, including the challenges through all stages of an organization - including formation and hiring the right team, scaling for rapid growth, preparing for liquidity events or downsizing.   Bob develops an integrated Human Resources strategy for each situation – including plans for recruiting, retention, communication, motivation and compensation.  What is also remarkable about Bob is his in-depth knowledge of the key functions and roles of each position, from software engineer to marketing director to CFO, and how each person needs to work and communicate to be successful."

"Bob has also provided me with invaluable personal coaching and support.  This coaching has significantly increased my effectiveness and confidence.  If there is ever an opportunity to work with Bob, grab the chance!!"

Jim Sakaguchi; VP Global Services and Support;
Harris Corporation Bob and I have worked and known each other for close to fourteen years. My first exposure to Bob was upon my first promotion into a executive role. Like many new executives there's a feeling of exuberance and pushing forward. Then shock sets in of how do I do it. Bob helped rescued me. He provided a framework and structure of how to harness my strengths and weakness and funnel them into helping achieve team results. I have continued to leverage Bob's wisdom and insight in helping design the philosophies I have used to successfully guide teams during times of growth and re-shaping during turn-downs.

Bob's message is consistent but the approaches he takes to help achieve results are endless. Having read Bob's book, "Absolute Honesty", many times I still always start with chapter two - A Culture of Absolute Honesty. Bob just didn't write about it, he helped me create it in the teams I have had the honor of leading.

Why was this especially important? Well, my teams have what I believe one of the most important area of any business - serving the Customer. A culture of 'Absolute Honesty' is a necessity of gaining the Customer's trust.

Diane Gibson Management Consultant, Organizational Architect
Bob's expertise in the human capital arena is well-known. He is extremely well-respected. His timely introduction to the Prevue Assessment has proven a valuable tool in my practice since 2008. Matching the right people to the right jobs - the Prevue Assessment is a predictor of performance, a catalyst for critical conversations and a sensible succession planning guide in a user-friendly format. A worthy investment for the success and future of any organization.

Mike Cronk Senior Vice President, Marketing at Grass Valley
Bob is a gifted HR leader in whom I have the utmost trust. I worked with Bob over many years, both at Tektronix and Grass Valley. In all these years, Bob never failed to earn the respect of management, employees, and his HR colleagues. His respectful, but straight-shooting style, his professionalism and strong knowledge of all aspects of HR are the qualities that helped him earn this respect. Moreover, he is a true "business partner" in that he works hard to understand and incorporate the goals of the business in what he does. He also demonstrates a pro-active approach to people development which greatly benefited the organization. Based on his track record at Tektronix and Grass Valley, and based on the numerous companies he has been affiliated with both before and since that time, I highly recommend Bob as valuable asset to any company seeking to strengthen their HR practices.

RW & Associates, Inc.